Yoshi - Special Ed's Tamiya DF-03Ra

Craig, proud member of the Mile High Man Cave Racing crowd had a spare piece of ground in his back 40 that was aching to be turned into something special. Due to his rally addiction, he opted for building a rally course. After months of work he completed what will arguably be considered one of the best backyard tracks in Colorado. Because a rally track had been added to the MHMCR group of tracks, Special Ed had to have a rally car to run (obviously)

As usual after much research, Special Ed opted for the Tamiya DF-03Ra chassis (Ra denoting "Rally"). Tamiya makes several different body kits to fit this chassis and most of those are owned by the other members of the group. So Ed opted for the one body nobody had...the 240Z based on the winning car of the 1971 East African Safari race. Contrary to what most people will do, the body isn't being painted in the historic colors of the winning car. But that won't affect how well this car does on the local tracks (Special Ed can't drive well enough to make color an important factor).

The car is all stock in keeping with the spirit of the MHMCR races. There didn't seem to be a reason to go way out and get a low turn brushless system, tuned this or tuned that. Maybe after losing enough races, Ed will opt for more power. However, as the car's inaugural run isn't for another week, he has no idea whether or not that would even help. We'll post more as we get it.

Here are Yoshi's details and some pics....

Tamiya DF-03Ra
Tamiya 540 motor
Tamiya TEU104BK ESC
Tamiya Rally Block tires
Tamiya CVA Super Mini shocks
Dean's Ultra Connectors Throughout