Suki - Special Ed's Cup Racer

Suki was purchased for racing in the basements of friends that get together to run the Mile-High Mancave Racing circuit. The plan was to put a Tamiya 540-J motor and TEU-101BK ESC in her but fate, and slow shipping by one of the only US companies that actually carry Tamiya parts conspired against Special Ed. So on a trip to HobbyTown to buy a cheapo ESC for an old stock motor he was going to use, Special Ed was informed that someone had just returned a Novak Havoc Spec 21.5 brushless system because it was too slow for their Slash. Now, racing in confined basements means that you can't go for the most power available so this seemed to suit Special Ed perfectly. After learning that they were going to sell him the $149 system for $90, the deal was sealed and he bought the system.

It's going to take some time to find the right pinion and spur combo for this motor but Ed's starting with the stock 30T pinion and 67T spur. It seems to have enough low and high end for the planned purpose but time will tell.

Here are Suki's specs and some pics....

HPI Cup Racer
Novak 21.5 Spec brushless motor
Novak Havoc Spec brushless ESC
Futaba S3003 standard steering servo
Dean's Ultra Connectors Throughout
HPI and Tamiya wheels
HPI slick tires