Shackled Spirit - Special Ed's Herzog Hurricane

As is commonly the case with R/C addicts, you can usually expect to get bitten by the bug to venture into other areas of the hobby. I was contacted by Big Bopper about giving him the opportunity to talk to our Boulder RC club about the boat club of which he's the Commodore, Northern Colorado Nitro Burners. Since our club is having a bit of a hard time keeping members lately, I took the opportunity to look into signing up with NCNB. Of course part of that means having a boat. Enter my beloved wife again...she was all for it :D

Earlier this year I ventured back into the nitro world with a XXX-NT. Of course it let me down being unable to be started for the A-Main after having been through three preliminary heats. So the whole "Nitro" part of the NCNB didn't appeal. HOWEVER...they also have a gas boat class or two. And that leads us to "Shackled Spirit." I did a lot of research on Jim's RC Boat Dock and and eventually settled on putting together my own boat as opposed to buying one RTR. First choice to make was the hull and I went with a Herzog Hurricane. It's simply badass looking and is one of the best race boats out there. I'll be running Speedmaster hardware for sure but the engine and pipe choices have yet to be put into stone. I think perhaps a Zenoah 26CC stock motor and CC Racing pipe. We'll see. The prop(s) will likely be ABC and Prop Shop...hopefully balanced and sharpened by the Big Bopper himself. To control all of this I bought a used Futaba 3PK 2.4GHz FASST transmitter and R603FS dual antenna receiver. The servos will be digital since the receiver will roll over and die if I use analog servos (at least that's what the owner's manual says).

Dageek doesn't like the name "Shackled Spirit" and neither does Mrs. Special Ed. However, it's Ed's boat and that's the name he's chosen so it stays. FYI...the name was taken from the Queensryche song, "The Lady Wore Black." Ships are named for women and this one's black so...the song choice was obvious. Ed just had to choose something from the song that worked in some manner and that would enable him to come up with a usable design theme. You'll get used to it so don't sweat me over it :P

Here are some pics of the build (such as it is). Thanks for visiting :)