Pawnee OHV Area, Colorado - March '12

Pawnee Grasslands OHV area. Open Nov Ė Apr. About an hour and 45 minutes from Thornton. Last 30-45 minutes is all fairly smooth dirt roads.

The parking area is very large, although there are no bathrooms in site. The OHV area itself is fairly small. Maybe a little over a mile long and maybe about 500 yards wide in some areas. The trails are down in a canyon with anywhere from 10í to 30 feet high walls.

The trails go down through the middle of the canyon and there are numerous trails taking you up out of the canyon and then back down in. There are a few spots down the middle of the canyon where itís not as wide where there are 10-20 foot walls making great berms. Quite a few places for jumping as well whether itís large bumps on the canyon floor or just the right size lip coming up out of the canyon walls that give you some nice air. All sorts of knooks and crannyís to explore here too, winding up through smaller canyons on the sides. Some of these go through and some just end and you have to either turn around or back your way back out.

All in all, a very fun place to ride when the foothills are covered in snow and not too far away from Denver.

I give it 3 pocket protectors, mainly because itís pretty small, but very fun.

Weather = Overcast and windy but not cold
Broken parts = None
Quality of terrain = Excellent but limited size makes it so you've done it all in a couple of hours.

Geek Brothers' Rating =


Pawnee OHV Area

Pawnee OHV Area again

Special Ed and his Cat

Mrs. Dageek and her Cat

Pawnee OHV Area again...again

Special Ed & Mrs. Ed

Special Ed cleaning goggles

Mrs. Dageek, Mrs. Ed and Special Ed

Dageek striking a pose