Milt - Special Ed's Baja 5T

The name "Milt" comes from "Bachelor Party" starring Tom Hanks. If you've seen the movie, chances are you can make the connection. If'll have to think about it a little longer :)

Milt is an HPI Baja 5T, 1:5 scale truck. How Special Ed got him is funny. He hadn't been on for somewhere close to 7 months due to certain reasons which will remain unexplained. Anyhoo...when he got back on the forum he noticed that Large Scale Alloy was raffling off yet another HPI Baja. Now, Ed had paid into at least a half dozen of these raffles in the year or so prior to dropping off of the forum and never won. He had promised himself he would never donate another dollar to somebody else winning a Baja. Yeah...ok...that didn't last. He bought a couple of tickets for what may prove to be the last raffle for some time. The net is that Ed won the truck!!! What a lucky SOB!!! He opted to take the LSA display truck with Pro-Line Desperado wheels and Excavator tires. He also had his choice of a stock body, Pro-Line VW Bug or Trofeo bodies, or a custom painted body. Dageek rightly convinced him to take the Trofeo body. The pot was sweetened with an HPI Racing t-shirt, an Outerwears shroud and dealer cost on the DDM Dominator 5T pipe.

The 5T arrived in short order and is beautiful enough to make a grown man cry. Adding to the tears is the fact that Special Ed won't be able to drive the thing for two more months since his radio gear is in storage (he doesn't believe in running with the stock radio on these big bastidges). In the meantime he will just work on upgrading those parts which are known to be weaker than is desired.

Here's a list of the hop-ups:

  • ADA billet rear hub carriers
  • B-Dub86 Sandrail cage (sharing with Norm for now)
  • Baja Skunkworks Ti bumper hinge pin
  • CraftWerks-RC hub savers
  • DDM Dominator 5T pipe
  • Fullforce-RC carbon brake kit
  • Futaba R603FS receiver
  • Hostile HD molded 57T spur gear
  • Killer-RC Killer Kables
  • Killer-RC Killer Bee killswitch #3
  • ModifiedRC quick release roll cage tubes
  • PhatDad V2 stainless front turnbuckles
  • PhatDad nutted hinge pins
  • Pitbull Inner Fenders
  • Pro-Line Desperado wheels
  • Pro-Line Excavator tires
  • Pro-Line Trofeo Body
  • RamTech HD springs front/rear
  • RPM front arms
  • TGN Redneck Dual Stage Pre-filter
  • Turtle Racing HD clutch system
  • Turtle Racing HD tranny brace
  • Turtle Racing HD top plate
  • Turtle Racing tower/mount combo
  • Turtle Racing HD rear shock mount
  • Yamadude throttle linkage

    Planned for future:
  • CraftWerks-RC Ti layshaft
  • CraftWerks-RC billet spur gear carrier
  • DarkSoul Meaty Bones
  • DarkSoul axle extenders
  • FLM reinforced drive cups
  • Hostile Racing dogbone boots
  • PhatDad shock shafts
  • PhatDad fan cover saver
  • PhatDad ShreadStack
  • RPM rear arms
  • Scorpion chassis brace
  • Threshold front bulkhead

    Here are some pics....