Lefthand Canyon OHV Area, Colorado - March '12

Lefthand Canyon OHV area is in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains between Boulder and Lyons, Colorado on National Park land. It's a good 30 minute drive from the center of Boulder due to the last bit of the trip being on the mountain roads. Parking for the OHV area is very limited so get there early if you're towing a trailer.

Dageek and Special Ed parked on the side of the road on the opposite side from which they approached. That meant that Ed had to turn his truck and trailer around in the middle of the road. For most people, that would be easy. But they don't call him Special Ed for nothing...what an ordeal. He made it eventually without causing too much of a backup for too long.

The trail starts right off the highway and passes a public shooting area shortly afterwards. The trail curves off right at the shooting area so you don't have to pass the people shooting. If you like shooting firearms, you may want to stop and fire off a few rounds before heading up the trail. If you're not fond of guns, just keep moving and you'll be fine. There are two other areas where people shoot within the next mile or so up the trail but again, you don't have to cross the line of fire.

The OHV area is a network of trails that range from easy to pucker factor five. If you have a good map and pay attention, you can avoid the hairy stuff. If you ignore the map and just blindly head in any given direction like Dageek did, you can or (as the boys did on this day) will end up going down a couple of sections of washed out, boulder-strewn trail that make you want to cry for your mommy (Special Ed cried for Dageek because he was closer than his mommy). Having one tire a few feet off the ground when you're on a steep steep angle ready to tip over is no fun for some. Regardless, with teamwork the boys were able to get Ed's ATV out of the precarious situation. Dageek made it down without any help before Ed attempted it because he's got balls of steel apparently.

There are some really fun challenging areas that aren't pucker worthy. There are areas that are just plain easy. But most of the trails fall somewhere in between. You'll encounter a lot of motocross bikes, 4x4s and other ATVs on the trail so you need to be alert at all times.

I give it 4 pocket protectors. It makes for a great half day of fun and can scare the snot out of you if you let it.

Weather = Sunny and warm
Broken parts = Coolant leak on Special Ed's ATV caused by the factory not installing a clamp on the return line.
Quality of terrain = Excellent and varied.

Geek Brothers' Rating =


Dageek on his Cat

Dageek with the Flatirons in the background

Dageek with the hairy section in the background

Dageek with the Cats