Guido - Special Ed's HPI Blitz

Short course caught on big in no time at all. Rather than jump on the bandwagon, Special Ed thought he'd wait until he was ready for an SC truck...meaning he had his other RC joneses out of the way. Ed finally jumped into SC and opted for the HPI Blitz RTR truck. He's had good luck with his other HPI products and figured the Blitz would work as well.

First things first...ditch the stock steering servo, bellcrank system and steering blocks. They were replaced with an Hi-Tec HS645MG servo, STRC bellcrank and RPM steering blocks. We'll see how well this holds up over time. Ed also replaced the stock HPI 15T Furball (Firebolt) motor and ESC with a Dynamite Fuze 5800Kv brushless motor/ESC combo. That was a much needed boost in power and efficiency. kits yet :-)

Here are Guido's details and some pics....

HPI Blitz
Fuze 5800Kv brushless system
Hi-Tec HS645MG steering servo
STRC steering bellcrank set
RPM steering blocks
Dean's Ultra Connectors Throughout