Welcome to the home of the Geek Brothers, Dageek, Short Bus and Special Ed. We decided we're having so much fun with our R/C vehicles that we should devote some precious webspace to them. Thus we have "The Geek Brothers' RC Website." Yes, we are all geeks, dorks, dweebs, whatever. But we're also handsome, brilliant and loads of fun to be around (just don't ask the women in our lives to corroborate that part of our story).

This isn't going to be some really valuable R/C information website. It's only here to document the work we do with our own vehicles. If, by some stretch of the imagination, it turns out that something we say or do here helps someone along the way, then we're pleased. But bear in mind that we're new to this hobby and are still really learning everything ourselves. We'll post pics and videos of our beloved trucks, boats, planes, etc in action and in the garage getting upgraded, repaired and abused. We'll also post links to our favorite RC resources (both knowledge and product). If you have the urge, you can send us an email at geekrc@johnwisephotography.com. We'll answer any questions if we can, or we'll point you to a resource that can.

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